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University of Connecticut University Libraries Digital Collections

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The University of Connecticut Libraries uses published standards and best practices for digital capture benchmarking purposes. These benchmarks are based primarily on published FADGI, NARA, Library of Congress, and BCR/CDP recommendations

Please note that depending on the specific objectives of particular projects, higher resolutions, different archival file formats (e.g. raw DNG safety masters), and greater bit depth may be desirable for some materials.

Recommended File Naming Conventions...

Generic Syntax

[Institution Code]_[Location of Analog Original or Sponsoring Unit or Digital Collection]_[Accession Number or Call Number or OCLC Number or Other Broad Designator]_[Media Type/Topic or Subtopic]_[Subtopic]_[Subtopic].[File Extension]

Illegal Characters

~ ! @ # $ ^ & * ( ) + { } [ ] | \ : ; ' " < > , ? /

Empty Spaces



For general information, please contact the Digital Programs Team (DPT) at

For reproductions information, please refer to a given digital object's "Source" and/or "Rights" metadata elements and contact appropriate parties accordingly. Please provide the object's "Title" and "Identifier" or "Unique Identifier" when making such inquiries